21. september 2020 - 9:30
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*LIVE* NLP Practitioner Certification Training - Winnipeg, Canada | Location TBA | måndag, 21. september 2020

LIVE NLP Practitioner Training & Certification - Winnipeg, MB Canada 2020
Plan now to make 2020 your year of personal discovery, transformation, and growth so you can live a more meaningful and purposeful life in alignment with your highest intentions!
Who is this training for? 
Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Leaders, Individuals.
In Canada: Tuition fees of Classic Code NLP Certification course are approved by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as tax deductible eligible for tuition tax credit purposes.
Full Details: http://holisticdirections.com/work-with-me/training/nlp-certifications/
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When you attend you will learn Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) patterns - the core foundational skills in the field of personal and professional development, healing, and communication coded in the early 1970s at UofC Santa Cruz, California by John Grinder, Richard Bandler with assistance of Frank Pucelik.
Learn how to communicate more concisely, be a more effective leader, and operate at a higher level of 'state'. Coach others and yourself to breakthrough perceived limitations, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.  Using NLP practices, develop your skills in working with Intuition and Intention in a concrete way. Connect at the deeper level of human awareness - the unconscious - to empower hidden resources within. Learn processes to coach yourself and others using Submodalities, Anchoring, Belief Change, Swish, and Visual Squash for working with parts integration. You will also learn a time-line process called Re-Imprinting for dealing with significant blocks and unresolved impasses from early in life. You will learn both Meta and Milton Language Models. You will create well-formed outcomes to achieve greater success in life in business.
For coaches - you will learn how to use your listening and language skills to identify unconscious patterns and connect to the true meaning of experiences. Also, powerful step-by-step  processes to coach your clients more quickly. Learn the art of working 'content free' with your clients - a highly ecological style of coaching that will set you apart in the industry.  And, so much more!
When you attend this course you will learn Change Patterns, Processes & Models:
-Meta Model – 13 language patterns with questions packaged to drill down and uncover hidden information. Learn how to use questioning techniques so you can uncover the meaning behind the words people use and the intention supporting what they say.
-Milton Model – 23 language patterns for improving interpersonal communications. Become fluent in the powerful metaphoric patterns of the Milton Model.
-Verbal Package – A condensed version of the Meta Model for more rapid use in gaining clarity and consensus. Brilliant in both personal and business settings to improve effective communication.
Non-Verbal Communication - A high percentage of our communication is delivered non-verbally. Learn how to utilize non-verbal communication so you can effectively be more self-aware, detect incongruency and improve how you communicate with others.
Behaviour Modification Models - Learn multiple tools and techniques for redesigning your current patterns and behaviours into ones that support you so you can fulfill your dreams in life and in your business
Visit the website for full details. http://holisticdirections.com/work-with-me/training/nlp-certifications/
Those who go on this course never think the same about intention, state, language, patterns, and behaviour again. Guaranteed!
NLP Practitioner Certification 2020 (8 days):Module I – September 21-25, 2020Module II –  September 28-30, 2020
Early Booking $2,250 ends November 30, 2019 
Full Freedom pricing $3,000.00
*Note: prices above do not include GST
Monthly payment options are available – Contact for details. ITANLP Certification (optional) £57.00 UKL + VAT [£68.40] + S&H. Fee will be converted to Canadian dollars upon purchase.

Look who’s talking about NLP Practitioner:

“Before attending NLP Practitioner, I  was looking at an outdated map for 47 years. My new one provides quicker routes and better options. NLP Practitioner training with Jacquie Nagy is worth every penny, a truly life changing experience.”
Brian Budzan, Winnipeg Mb
“I plan to bring NLP into my coaching and speaking practice as well as my personal life. I’ve already used NLP with success and look forward to building on the knowledge and skills that Jacquie so proficiently taught. If you are interested in learning NLP, Jacquie is the go-to girl!”
Stephanie Staples, C.S.P., Your Life Unlimited
Location details provided to attendees.