26. september 2019 - 18:00 inntil 21:00
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Beer Googles vs VR Goggles | Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park | torsdag, 26. september 2019

Planet Bounty, in collaboration with Media Monday, invites you to the world's first "Beer Goggles vs VR Goggles" event! Virtual Reality pioneers will talk about the latest developments in VR, showcasing their tech – and representatives from Oslo's best microbreweries will be giving short talks about their brands and brewing processes.Feeling hungry? You can fill up with our freshly imported tasty and "tariff-free" deep fried Chinese crickets (#YouAteWHAT?) or our local vegetarian fair and other snacks.
Between microbrewery talks and everything VR, you can taste a wide variety of beers (#CheersToThat) and network with kindred spirits. And if you need to take a break from drinking and networking, you can put down the beer, pick up some VR Goggles, step in the ring and go a few rounds with Mike Tyson (#You'reGoingDown). And If boxing isn't your thing - hop in to "Il Tempo Gigante"  and burn some serious rubber around the raceway (#DriveItLikeYouStoleIt ). Don't know what "Il Tempo Gigante is"? Ask your friends!Every attendee will be entered into a raffle, and will have a chance to win awesome prizes – as tickets will be drawn every hour on the hour! For those with quick brains and even faster fingers; KAHOOT! After tasting all the beer your grateful pallet can handle, have another!So mark your calendars, because this will be a night to remember. We'll see you at Forskningsparken (Oslo Science Park)!