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Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport RSPH (QCF) | Centre for Short Courses and CPD | laurdag, 09. mai 2020

The Level 4 Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport course is designed for those who work in the health, fitness or catering professions and promote healthy eating or the preparation of meals, menus and diets for sportspeople at all levels of ability.
Whilst enrolled upon the course you will study the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration.  The principles of nutrition are applied to fulfilling the dietary requirements for physical activity and sport.
This qualification is made of two components: Principles of Nutrition and Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport. Whilst studying these units you will cover:

Sources functions and use of macro and micro nutrients
Hydration, dietary requirements and food choices of individuals throughout life
Components of energy consumption and expenditure
Effects of diet on health
Food labelling requirements
Understand the requirements for nutrients and hydration during physical activity
Optimal hydration guidelines for participants in different physical activities and sports
Understand the relationship between nutrition and physical activity
How to estimate energy requirements based on physical activity levels and other relevant factors
Energy expenditure and nutrient use for different physical activities
Understand how to advise participants in physical activities on nutritional strategies (and menus) to improve performance
Nutritional strategy for participants to improve performance
Use of performance enhancing products and sports drinks in nutritional planning for participants in sports and physical activity

The full course fee is £780.
More information about the assessment and entry requirements can be found on the website: http://www.stmarys.ac.uk/short-courses/level-4-sports-nutrition-certification-rsph.htm. Alternatively, contact us at shortcourses@stmarys.ac.uk  or call 020 8240 4321 during office hours.