29. mai 2020 - 4:00
Merkaba Bellydance Festival - 2020, Stavanger
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Workshops - Kenzi Orchidaceae | fredag, 29. mai 2020

Kenzi will be teaching 3 workshops!

More about Kenzi!

She first started dancing at 11 years old with Piny Orchidaceae, who introduced her to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.

Kenzi continues to be a student, taking classes with Piny but ,Leo Orchidaceae and many Portuguese and international artists, to grow as a dancer and teacher.

In 2012, Orchidaceae Urban Tribal was born and Kenzi started developing her own fusion, like

all other members, influenced mostly by urban styles like Popping and New Style, as well as floorwork from Contemporary and Break Dance, but always keeping Tribal Fusion as her


Since then, Kenzi has performed and taught solo and with Orchidaceae all over Europe, in India, and in Portugal in several events and summer festivals such as Andanças,

Boom Festival, Waking Life and Arraial Pride.

Kenzi has been a dance teacher in Lisboa for years, more recently this year also teaching in Denmark in 2019.

At the TribaLx Festival in her hometown, Kenzi won two solo competitions of the festival and danced as a guest in the gala

several times, as well as winning the Fusion category of the Oslo Oriental Dance Festival competition of 2019.

Workshop Descriptions:

• Popcorn Time ( 2 hrs )

Working on movement quality is a tough job for a dancer, but one of the most essential ones. And where to start? Well, in these 2 hours of drills (and what more...), we’ll work from contraction to release, from fast to slow, from waving to popping, using both Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Popping technique exercises. Through these drills we go deeper into body control, rediscovering the beauty of moving snake-like, or mechanically, fused with music... Hypnotically.

*Price 400kr.

09:00 - 11:00 .Saturday2.

• Layering 3.0 – Urban expansion ( 1.5 hrs)

Layering is not just a physical challenge, it's also a mental workout. This workshop will try to challenge your coordination and sense of rhythm with new ways to look at the science of layering. Drawing from urban inspiration, from Hip Hop and Popping, sometimes just adding a soulful, heartfelt groove, a bit of relaxation, a new move or a different song is enough to bend your body and mind in an unfamiliar but ultimately fun manner.

*Price 300kr .

10:00 - 11:30 .Friday2.

▪ Out of the box ( 1,5 hrs )

Your chest can draw more than circles, and it's not just your hip that can do a square! We will research on geometry and figures to discover how to move new body parts in never-ending ways that puzzle the viewer. It will give you tools to find movement and twist your mind while you're at it.

*Price 300kr

15:30 - 17:00 Friday1

Registrations open November 12th!