08. august 2020 - 8:00 inntil 18:00
426 ABS Services, Stavanger
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The Magnificent Kjerag | laurdag, 08. august 2020

You can't leave Norway without checking Kjerag off your 'must-see' list. What makes the hike even better? Doing it with friends! Come hike with the 426 Services crew on 8 August and, if you're bold, take that epic Instagram worthy shot of yourself on the boulder. You know you want to...

At this time, we are unable to drive people, but will caravan from the JWC Cellar parking lot at 08.00 on Saturday the 8th. **IF there are changes to the public health rules and we can drive you, we will contact you regarding spaces in the van.** Parking at the base costs 250 nok and the drive is about 2/5 hours.

Bring snacks, lunch and water and weather appropriate clothing layers (ask us if you need advice on what to wear!). The hike usually takes 6-8 hours.

This trip is very weather dependent. The trail is not safe in wet or high wind conditions.