30. mai 2020 - 8:10
Merkaba Bellydance Festival - 2020, Stavanger
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Silvia Orchidaceae - Workshops | laurdag, 30. mai 2020

Don't miss on learning from SILVIA ORCHIDACEAE!

Learn more about Silvia here and read workshop descriptions below;

Silvia discovered the world of oriental Dance by chance in 2007, when she was looking for something to break her work routine as an architect. Since then, it has been an increasingly intense and profound journey marked by several stages. She began her dance training in Lisbon. In addition to national training, she participated in several international workshops. In 2008 she joined Mahtab, a group of dancers focused on developing several styles and fusions related to Oriental Dance. Tribal Fusion Bellydance turned out to be her greatest passion. The connection to the dance went beyond Mahtab, and with the opening of Studio Mahtab (2010-2013), Silvia began teaching Oriental Dance and Tribal Fusion. She is also a member of Orchidaceae urban Tribal and one of the sponsors of TribaLX. She is now teaching in Berlin Tribal Fusion regular classes in 1st Floor Studio, Beginners, Advanced and Performance classes.


Loose control - 2hrs

The combination of groove from urban dances with bellydance isolations is the goal of this workshop. Get ready to challenge your body and brain to layer not only different movements, but different qualities and energies at the same tome. Discover a way how to give your dance a new freedom.

Fuse your feet - 2hrs

Moving in space with a dense snaky quality gives your tribal fusion dance another dimension. How to make it more dynamic without loosing the hypnotizing stillness of tribal fusion bellydance? Floating foot technique will open a door to another dimension in your dance. We will combine isolations with foot patterns to create a harmony between your feet and the rest of your body.

Price: 2hr Workshop is 400kr ( Norwegian Krone/NOK. )

*Registrations open in November 12th.

Saturday 14:10 - 16:10.

Fuse your Feet.

Sunday 16:00 - 18:00.

Loose Control.