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Kongsgata44 - Yoga & More Stavanger, Stavanger
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SacredSounds:: Sound Shower with Tal Zimra Coleman | fredag, 21. august 2020

Welcome to another of the SacredSound:: concert series in Stavanger area. This time we shall welcome Tal Zimra Coleman back in Kongsgata44 to perform 1,5h long group sound journey.

Also, on following weekend we shall have 2 days workshop with Tal ::Sacred Sound workshop in Kongsgata44 in Stavanger.


WHERE: Kongsgata44

WHEN: Friday 21.08 / 19.30 -21kl

Doors open at kl19

300 nok regular/

350nok at the day of the event


For more information please take contact with email or leave a message here.

Payment to:

Monika Cichocka 63511243051

or VIPPS 40587824

email at: email


Being “showered” by these instruments helps the body retrieve its original, healthy frequency, making the body entrain to the frequency of the instruments so that when it’s synchronized it can vibrate independently.

Stimulated by the powerful vibrations of these instruments, the body is able to tune into its own undisturbed frequency.

The listener, who is lying down comfortably experiences the pulse rate slowing down while the breath is restored to its normal rhythm. Thus one enters an expanded state of consciousness.

-Since the human body is over 70% water and sound travels 5 times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation ,directed into the body, is a highly efficient means for a total body stimulation, especially on the cellular level.

-Researches show that these instruments help the listener go into to Alpha and Theta waves. frequencies which enable deep relaxation as well as a heightened receptivity to healing.

-The human ear is connected to virtually every organ in the body by the vagus nerve. A cranial nerve that travels both on the right and left side of the body from the head to the abdomen.passing through the neck and the thorax into the abdomen, and supplied sensation to part of the ear, the tongue, the larynx and the pharynx.

This nerve is stimulated by sound.

Research suggests that vibration transferred to neuronal endothelial and immune cells through tuning forks stimulates nitric oxide, A tiny gas molecule, essential for healthy functioning of the organs. it sets of a cascade of physiological events which direly influence our health, well being, state of mind and consciousness.

By understanding nitric oxide , we can establish a scientific link between molecular science, medicine and sound healing.when we are under stress , the sympathetic/ parasympathetic is often thrown of balance . the result is a diminished NO production .compromised NO function leads to a depressed immune function which overtime results in a tissue pathology.over a long period of time, if NO rhythms are not stimulated,symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, depression ,head aches poor digestion and more can escalate into major diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, auto immune diseases and cancer.

When the nervous system comes into tune and nitric oxide is stimulates some of the benefits attributed by researches are : enhanced cell vitality, a stabilized body metabolism that regulates digestion and body weight, an enhanced vascular flow, leading to increased energy, stamina, sexual drive, enhanced memory and a greater sense of well being. further more research has demonstrated that a proper stimulation of NO acts as a preventative to the development of arteriolar sclerosis ,stroke, heart attack, diabetes,Alzheimer’s, auto immune diseases and cancer.

“Bathing” in the sound of these instruments ,rapidly spikes up the production of Nitric oxide. When” No” production is stimulated, it sets up a cascade of beneficial events which can be experienced as: stronger immune system, vascular flow, more resistance to stress, greater levels of energy and stamina, sharper mental clarity and more.

Imagine taking a musical break, in the middle of a day’s work, being “bathed”by acoustic musical instruments.

-The participants will be sitting or laying down- enabling the sound and vibrations of the healing instruments to spread throughout the body, cleansing and harmonizing at a cellular level. relaxing , rejuvenating and raising vibrations to a higher level of consciousness and state of being .

Instruments:Gongs, Tibetan bowls, bells and chimes, flutes, bird whistles, drums, kalimba, overtone singing , rattles and more.


Musician, composer, sound healer, story teller and a multi -instrumentalist.

She has studied under Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the great Indian music master and flutist, both in India and in the Rotterdam Conservatory of Music. Tal has

also studied at the Norwegian "Musikkhøgskole" in

Oslo. Tal's knowledge has been lovingly applied to exploring and teaching the healing aspects of music

for the last 30 years. Tal has studied sound healing with many teachers such as: Jill Purce, David Hykes, Dr John Beaulieu and Silvia Nakkach.

You can listen to her music here on Sound Cloud:: https://soundcloud.com/innersound-1

Tal gives meditation concerts on a regular basis with different musicians ( Amazon ensemble, Txai Fernando, Chandra Lacombe, Sigmund Hvatvet, Eduardo Agni, kuame Sereba, Solfrid Moland, Jai Shankar, Jesus Morente, Aziz Kossai, Benedicte Torget , Javid Afsari, Ricardo Sanchez, Prem Sudeva, and more...

Tal has also performed, Among other places for the Dalai Lama at his last visit to Norway , in The Royal palace and at at the Nobel Peace Centre.

Tal gives workshops in The Yoga of sound/ Sacred Sound as well as

Sound Showers.

Tal has developed her own sound healing technique named: Harmonic Therapy, where she combines the usage of a Monochord bed that has 60 strings, together with elements from :"shiatsu" and "Reiki" and other instruments such as: Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, kalimba, flutes and voice.

Tal has published 7 Cd's for meditation, relaxation, yoga, Tai chi and


For more details aout Tal please visit her webste:: www.Innersound.no