23. august 2019 - 11:15 inntil 12:15
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Eat, think & innovate: How to boost your business - a couple of insights into marketing | Innovasjonspark Stavanger | fredag, 23. august 2019

Tips on how to boost your business - a couple of insights into marketing.
Visiting professor from Toronto.
Shanker Seetharam (Shanks) is a multidisciplined Corporate executive who became a Professor (in Toronto) some 20 years ago. He has lived in several countries and worked for global firms in Marketing and Advertising. He has specially concentrated on start-up’s and small companies: His talks are often referred to as "mesmerising". "He has a way with his audiences" are some comments about his presentations and seminars. He is visiting University of Stavanger late august and is then giving a lecture in the innovation park.
Hva: Eat, Think & InnovateHvor: Innovasjonspark Stavanger, Måltidets hus.Fredag 23. august 2019 kl 11.15 til 12.15
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Foredragsholder: Shanker Seetharam  was a pioneer in Database Management in the 90s and gradually moved to Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital Measurement and then into incorporating Disaster Management into Responsible Sustainable Development. He has a Masters in Economics, and MBA in Marketing and Finance, a Certification in Knowledge Management, an IBM certified Program in database Management, and several diplomas in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.
He been accepted by the Mewill Blancata Foundation for phd studies and has successfully completed his volume of work. Shanks is widely travelled and has been a Paid speaker to several conferences in 18 countries. He has spoken at several Universities in Egypt, Tel Aviv, India, Bangkok, Manaila, Seoul