25. september 2019 - 17:00 inntil 19:30
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Pangea Investor event - OIW2019 | TheFactory Oslo Accelerator & Hub | onsdag, 25. september 2019

Dear Pangea Alumni and friends
Welcome to this investor event and meet the 6 winners from the Nairobi Innovation Week pitch competition. This is a great opportunity to meet young and talented entrepreneurs & startups. We have also invited Bernard Chiira from ASSEK to provide insight into the growing startup ecosystem in Kenya and the 30 Tech hubs they represent.



Key Note by Bernard Chiira, Chairman of ASSEK (Association of SME’s and Startup enablers Kenya)

1. Startup Pitch and Q&A - Gjenge 
Nzambi Matee, CEO and Founder

2. Startup Pitch and Q&A - Ariogene
Kadari Chari, COO and Co-founder

3. Startup Pitch and Q&A - WorkPay
Paul Kimani, CEO and Co-founder

4. Startup Pitch and Q&A - Escon Leather Creations
Victor Nzau, CEO and Co-founder

5. Startup Pitch and Q&A - Silmak Agencies
Cathrine Wanjoka, CEO and Co-founder

6. Startup Pitch and Q&A - Arinifu
William Muthoka, CEO and Co-founder

Network and beer/wine