25. september 2019 - 10:00 inntil 12:30
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OSLO Innovation Week, Startup to Scaleup: One Step At A Time | The Lounge, Mesh | onsdag, 25. september 2019

Corporate workshop exclusively available to 60 Norwegian scaleups.
Tickets are available free of charge to Norwegian startup CEO & Founders. To request your free tickets please contact the organiser directly on for a discount code.
Norwegian explorer, Liv Arnesen, made international headlines by becoming the first woman in the world to ski solo and unsupported to the South pole – a 50-day expedition that took her 745 miles.
Join our seminar, part of OSLO Innovation Week, exclusively available to the CEOs & Founders of 60 Norwegian scaleups looking to expand internationally, where one of Norway's greatest ever female explorers, Liv, shares the battles and rewards when you dare to dream. It can be a lonely world when you work in a startup, and it can be a really lonely world when you travel 50 days unsupported to the South Pole.
In this powerful conference, TedX speaker, Liv, will share and discuss leadership in small teams, risk management and how to find the courage in yourself when the going gets tough. All startups will hit hurdles, especially when so many dream of going to new countries. Join this conference to find out more about the challenges you will **** when you dare to explore outside of Norway.
     10:00 - Registration     10:30 - Liv Arnesen Startup to Scaleup Workshop     11:30 - Mingle & Nibbles
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