18. august 2019 - 11:00 inntil 15:00
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International sustainable and organic food festival 2019 | Mesh | sundag, 18. august 2019

As resources become scarce and essential minerals such as phosphates a depleted, the future of humanity and the planet is being threatened with a lack of land that be cultivated. Add to this the recklessly genetically modified foods and other dangerous chemical additives which not just destroy the ecosystems, but poison, plant, animal life as well as the humans consuming it. Never before heard of conditions such as gluten intolerance, various types of disease are become more prevalent in modern society.
Driven by corporate greed and very successful marketing strategies to mislead the public into over consumption has led to irreversible consequences to nature, fauna, flora and humanity.
As information becomes more prevalent and people understand more about these destructive business structures, more are opting for a healthier lifestyle both for themselves and nature.
We are having the first ever International sustainable and organic food festival to raise awareness about the small and large businesses striving to change this cycle of destruction, create a stronger community to support these organizations and share valuable information about how you could contribute and create a sustainable and healthy future yourself and future generations.
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How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
email us on info@disrupt.no
or +47 93278840
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Please note that there is no refund on this tickets
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If you have the eventbright app or have registered online, it's not necessarry
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