25. november 2019 - 17:00 inntil 21:00
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HOW TO LIVE WITH AI | Mesh | måndag, 25. november 2019

In 2020 more AI is coming online, into our lives, children's bedrooms.. Just as GDPR and new regulations for Electric Kick-bikes, should we have rules for the development of AI as well?
Children today are growing up with AI powered toys, robots, educational tools and other tech, which are tracking their development, their liking, dislikes and sending back information to the respective makers.
We have to bring in as much critical thought and question technology. As much as we believe it is the solution it also is the problem.
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Instead of giving into the fear and leave the technology as an unknown entity it's better to **** it, learn it, understand it and see how you could utilize it to better society.
What's happening today is, not machines replacing people. In fact machines a breaking people out of their shackles and allowing them to do other better things.
AI is just a tool, we need to decide how it's going to serve our purpose.