02. november 2019 - 9:00
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SoulTreat | Sedona Creative Life Center | laurdag, 02. november 2019

WHAT IS SOULTREAT?RELEASE + RESETAre you ready to release what holds you back, what limits you and the beliefs that weigh you down?Are you ready to connect to your whole self and finally live the life you’re meant to?SAY YES TO YOUJoin our Wellness Universe World-Changers for 2 powerful days of workshops and talks geared towards releasing, resetting and reigniting that powerful soul of yours.Be fully immersed in 2 days of total wellness of mind, body and spirit. Be up close and personal with powerful healers, coaches, teachers and thought leaders who have created a space for you to show up as YOU. Safe, inclusive and fun!JOIN US THIS FALLDon’t wait another moment longer. That restlessness within is simply your calling to go deeper and come out stronger!Join us in Sedona, AZ on November 2-3, 2019 for a magical & transformational treat for your Soul!MORE INFO: https://wusoultreat.com*Grab ticket now as EARLY BIRD PRICING ends on 5/21/19!*After 5/21, tickets will be $397*********************************"By far one of the most enlightening, eye opening, heart opening and warming experiences ever in my almost 53 years of my life. I feel motivated and so willing to truly live each day as best that I can for myself. So much more than I can even begin to describe in words." -Lori L. "A truly fantastic time of learning ,sharing and most of all connecting as a community!" -Nancy S."Thank you for creating such a loving and welcoming space to learn & grow!!" -Raelin S."Beyond words! I already can’t wait to go back!! Love you guys!!" -Ashley B."Aside from marrying my Prince, #WUSoulTreat has been one of the most epic events in my life." -Anna P."What a weekend!!! It was a soul treat for sure!" -Diane F."The weekend was perfect. Only thing missing was those of you that didn't join us. Lots of love, community, new friends, learning, transformation, joy." -Cheryl M.https://wusoultreat.com