07. november 2020 - 8:00 inntil 17:00
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Harvest Your Soul Live 2020 | Triple Jump Fitness + Events | laurdag, 07. november 2020


If you are a woman who's ready to re-energize your healthy, confident and vibrant self, join empowered life coach & fitness leader Kim DeMado, along with an amazing circle of well-being experts for a one-day enlightening retreat to empower and expand who you are,  set against the awe-inspiring Maine Coast.

We are excited to bring you a soulful retreat based on wisdom, love & research. To give you the opportunity to reflect and discover new ways to grow as you move through womanhood. 

We understand women desire peer-connection, excitement and challenge. We have designed this retreat to provide all this as well as a process of evolution and transformation through balancing your body & life.

At Triple Jump Fitness in East Bay Side, Portland, ME on NOVEMBER 7, 2020.

Purchase tickets to Harvest Your Soul Live Retreat today! Hurry, Early Bird Tickets available till Dec 30th! To learn more, visit our website here: www.kimdemado.com/retreat.