26. januar 2019 - 18:00 inntil 22:00
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Spiritual Singles: Conscious Connection Mixer | Walk In Wellness | laurdag, 26. januar 2019


A mixer event for conscious, open minded, spiritual, and health oriented singles to meet other like-minded individuals! A place to cultivate deep and authentic connections!

Including 3 workshops and classes, food, authentic relating, and a Brazilian Zouk social dance!

What does it mean to be spiritual?

Being a spiritual person means that your highest priority is to be loving and caring to yourself, other people, animals and the planet. Spirituality sees the truth in all religions and unites them because we are all the same despite our differences and uniqueness.

Schedule of Events:


6:00 pm - Meditation to lessen Fear & increase Confidence

6:30 pm - Effective Communication for Radical Intimacy

7:00 pm - Validation - Simple Skill for Extraordinary Relationships

7:30 pm - Authentic Relating: Connection Section

9:00 pm- Social Dancing: Brazilian Zouk


$20 Early Bird

$30 GA Tickets


This event has SOLD OUT every month!

There are limited ticket quantities available for both MEN and WOMEN to ensure an equal amount of both genders!


6 PM - Guided meditation and sound healing to lessen fears and anxiety, and increase self confidence.

6:30 PM- Effective Communication for Radical Intimacy:

Do you love (or dread) intimate communication? Join us in considering effective means of saying what you mean — and having what you mean be effectively heard by friends, family, and lovers.

7:00 PM - Validation - Simple Skill for Extraordinary Relationships

Learn how to resolve conflict and connect deeper with your partner through Validation. By using validation we express to others that we understand, accept, and hear them in their authenticity and it encourages them to be open.

7:30 PM - Authentic Relating: Connection Section

Each person receives 5 minutes to get to know each member of the opposite gender at the event, with conversation starter suggestions included to ease tension and start creative deep dialogues.

9:00 PM - Social Dancing:

Zouk is a partner dance from Brazil, and carries the warmth, friendliness, and playfulness of Brazilian culture. Come learn to move together and relate in a fun, safe, welcoming environment. The beginning movements are comfortable and easy for beginners to learn. Bring your smile and come dance!