13. januar 2019 - 10:00 inntil 17:00
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Reiki Certification: Level 1, 2, and 3! | Walk In Wellness | sundag, 13. januar 2019

Get certified in Reiki Level 1, 2, and 3!

Get certified in Reiki energetic healing and immediately begin providing it as a healing service to others!

Ever wanted to tap into and learn energetic work? How to use energy as a healing modality to help heal friends, family, and clients? Or advance and fine tune your current Reiki practice and further your skill set and tools?

REIKI LEVEL 1 - Sunday, January 6th - 10am-5pm

Investment: $130

Class guidelines and expectations:

To be confident in turning on, turning off and using reiki on yourself and starting to use reiki on others.

Class outline

What's your inspiration

Traditional history of Reiki

Reiki Lineage

Ethical principles of Reiki

Feeling energy of Reiki

Connecting - disconnecting

Attunement of 1st symbol

Reiki self care

Self meditation with /without Reiki

Starting to work on others

Guided Meditation-

Opening the door to exploring you!

REIKI LEVEL 2 - Sunday, January 13th - 10am-5pm

Investment: $130

Class guidelines and expectations:

When and how to use different symbols , to be confident with different distance work, children & animals


Class Outline

Share your experience

Energetic bodies

Attunement of 2nd and 3rd symbol

Scanning the body

Distance work

Children / pets

Guided Meditation-

Acceptance for change

REIKI LEVEL 3 - Sunday, January 27th - 10am-5pm

Investment: $130

Class guidelines and expectations:

Master symbol and feminine symbols work. Tapping into the body's energy systems Crainal holds Working on children and adults with sensory processing disorders.

Class Outline

Recognizing Changes

4th and final traditional master symbol

Feminine symbols meaning and usage

Attuement of all

Quick shots

Energy points

Crainal holds

Sensory processing disorders

Guided meditation-

Boundaries moving forward fearlessly master


Reguarly: $390

Purchased together: Only $330!*



Lucky 7th Generation of Usui Reiki


480- 669- 9080


All class materials included. All Classes include - Handouts, Diary, Meditation Beads, Appropriate Certificate to begin practicing upon day of completion!