13. januar 2019 - 13:30 inntil 15:30
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Juicing for Radiance | Titan Event Technologies | sundag, 13. januar 2019

Want to start 2019 off right? Do you love the benefits of juicing but find it overwhelming, time-consuming, and messy? Or maybe have always wanted to start juicing but didn't know where to start? This workshop is for you! In this 2-hour class, you will learn to drop weight quickly and sustainably, stay energized without caffiene, beautify your skin and hair, and take years off your appearance with juices that are effective and easy to make! In addition to trying many different varieties of juices, you will learn: 
-Which juicers are best to achieve your goals
-Which fruits and vegetables are best to achieve your health and beauty goals 
-How to pair fruits and vegetables together to make juices without a recipe 
-How to heal acne with juicing 
-How to lose weight with juicing 
-How to reduce stress with juicing
-Tips that save time and minimize cleanup 
-How to store juice properly
-How to use your juice pulp in recipes 
...And so much more!
You'll also get to take home your own guide to juicing with loads of recipes to keep you healthy and energized! 
This class is worth many times its cost! Spaces are limited, so buy now! And if you register for the Radiance Diet 2019 New Year's Reset, this workshop is FREE!