22. juni 2019 - 10:00 inntil 13:00
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HEART to HEART: Cultivating Inner Ease | Storm Wisdom | laurdag, 22. juni 2019

- Listen to your HEART -
Our heart is not just a physical pump...it’s an inner GPS and a source of inner wisdom, flow and ease. Would YOU like more of that?
Join us for a workshop where we will explore:

The importance of balanced self-care vs. overcare.

Science-backed tools that reset body physiology “in-the-moment”. - Yes, you will witness and experience this stabilizing shift.

Cultivating your inner environment to access intuition and inner wisdom.

Trusting your intuition and associated feelings.

Anchoring in the heart to allow forward movement with grace and ease. - It’s “easier” than you “think”!!

Join us as we explore the science and art of living from the heart and how Heart-Mind Coherence methodologies may offer support. You will be guided through several simple, yet deeply profound, techniques to carry into your daily life. Cultivate inner ease in order to truly follow your heart's desires.
Seating is limited to 25.