01. juli 2017 - 12:00 inntil 23:00

Irregular Folks' Summer Session 2017 | The Victoria Arms, Old Marston | laurdag, 01. juli 2017

Irregular Folks' Summer Session returns...bigger better and even more shiny. Packed full of highly talented boundary breaking music, international artists, incredible speakers, and the rather awesome Paul Foot will be back with us to host ...plus more more more!

Here's what's in store...


- Yorkston Thorne & Khan - Like a supergroup dream come true, James Yorkston (Domino Records), John Thorne (Lamb) and Suhail Yusef Khan – fusing alt folk, jazz and classical indian sounds.

- GO DARK - Flying over especially from the US to play. You will be taken in to an exhilarating electronic computer gamelike mission, with a performance and vocal dexteritory so powerful you'll never be the same again. It's bonkers!

- Laura J Martin - A strange mix of flute, samples, live instruments and quirky vocals create an awsome Grimms Fairytale-like journey that's been hijacked by all the craziest characters from Where the Wild Things Are.

- Oly Ralfe - A beautifully crafted piano soundtrack to "A Fieldguide to Reality" by Joanna Kavenna. Sometimes it's just wonderful to strip things right back down to the purity of a beautifully crafted mellow instrumental.

- Dead Rat Orchestra - "Adventurers adrift in a sea of sound and possibility, plucking textures and melodies to craft their idiosyncratic vision of what music and performance can be." We simply cannot top that description!

- Rozi Plain - Expect a uniquely rich textured multi-instrumental indie sound - they've a bewildering amount of instruments! Rozi is also in This Is the Kit, as well as contributing music to Francoise and the Atlas mountains and Rahael Dadd (another Irregular Folks alumni!).

- Hannah Bruce - A fusion of electronic sounds with indie guitar and a voice like a meeting between a dark and dusty Cat Power and PJ Harvey from a midnight storybook.

- Jack Cheshire - A fascinating mix of psychedelic indie and jazz subtley and oh so cleverly weaved in.

THE ODDITORIUM...(Speakers tent)
Created by David Bramwell - the man behind the aweome Sing-a-long-a-Wickerman, The Catalyst Club and Cheekie Guides as well as many many other bonkers creations. We very proudly welcome him back!

Tilly Gregory: Werewolf Erotica

Dr Diarmuid Hester: Bob Flanagan Supermasochist

Daisy Campbell: The Art of Gastromancy

Dr Bramwell: In Search of the Biggest tongue in Tunisia

John Higgs: The Dandy Highwayman

Jules Howard: Animal Vaginas

Big thanks to Arts Council England, and all our wonderful in kind sponsors for helping to make this event possible.