31. august 2019 - 22:00 inntil 23:30
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Woven wraps workshop for beginners | Rom for dans | laurdag, 31. august 2019

Alltid hatt lyst til å prøve vevd sjal men synes det virker litt vrient?
Bli med på workshop. Vi jobber sammen i 90 minutter for å lære deg hvordan du kan bære babyen trygt, enkelt og komfortabelt foran på magen. Du vil lære å:Å bære barnet ergonomisk riktigKnyte omsluttet kryss på magenHvordan man velger sitt første vevde sjalTips og triks for bedre bæring
Dette passer både for deg som er blodfersk bærer og deg som har prøvd litt, men kjenner at du kan få en mer komfortabel bæretur med litt hjelp. Få gjerne med deg en venn eller partner, det legger grunnlaget for fine fremtidige turer :)
Jeg holder workshopen sammen med Marte Bergseng, AKA Bærehjelpen :D Vi er begge sertifiserte bæreveiledere. Vi håper å møte dere med kunnskap, humor og sjalbunke!Vevde sjal er verdens mest fleksible bæretøy (tør vi påstå!) og kan brukes helt fra fødselen til konfirmasjonsalder om ønskelig. Bli med og se deg aldri tilbake.

Want to carry your baby in a woven wrap?
This workshop lets you practise how to do a safe and simple front carry with your baby. Woven wraps can be used from birth onwards.  They are the most versatile and flexible carrier there is! And of course the world is full of beautiful wraps.  However, they can be tricky to master on your own. A basic front wrapping is simple to do and can be varied almost indefinitely. And little (and big!) babies love being held close.Join this fun 90-minute woven wrap babywearing workshop where we will cover how to front carry easily and safely:-    Make sure your baby is seated correctly in a front carry-   Tie a simple front carry (front wrap cross carry)-   How to choose your first woven wrapThe workshop is hosted by myself and Marte Bergseng, AKA Bærehjelpen.  We are both certified babywearing consultants.Suitable for children from birth onwards.A maximum of 12 slots are available at this workshop, at a first come first serve basis. To secure a place, book your ticket here at Eventbrite. 
***Do I need experience?***No experience needed. However, if this is your first time tying a wrap you should expect having to practise at home after the workshop before you nail it!***What language will you be speaking?***We will be speaking Norwegian or English as per your wishes :)***Do I need equipment?***No, we have practise wraps you can try. But you could bring your own wrap if you want to practice using that particular wrap!***What wrap do you recommend using?***Any wrap will do. However, we recommend a medium thin wrap for practice purposes. Ideally look for one that glides easily through your hands and does not have too much friction as this makes it easier to use. If it is stripy or graded in colour, that is even better, but not necessary. I repeat: Pretty much any wrap will do. We have a pile of "easy" wraps you can try during the workshop.***What if my baby needs to sleep / feed / whatever during the workshop?***Do what your baby needs to do :) In fact, you can practise with a doll if your baby is asleep. We will however not be able to take long breaks in the teaching, due to time constraints.***Can I bring my other carrier?***You can bring your other carrier and we will look at your needs if time permits at the end of the workshop. However, the main focus will be woven wraps. If you primarily want help with a different type of carrier (full-buckles, onbuhimo, meh dai etc.) we recommend you book a personal appointment, come to a sling meet or wait for a relevant workshop to pop up ;)***What if I need to cancel?***You can get a full refund for any reason until one week before the workshop starts, by cancelling your ticket in Eventbrite. After this we will unfortunately be unable to issue a refund.***Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?***No, we will have a list of your names and check you off against that.***Is my registration fee transferrable?***Yes, but you will have to let us know who is coming in your place.
***How do I get to Rom For Dans?***
Room for Dans in close to Grünerløkka and there are many options for public transportation:Bus 30 towards Nydalen. Get off at Dælenenga. This is probably the closest option. Tram 11/12/13 towards Storo-Grefsen. Get off at Birkelunden and walk from there. Tram 17 to Sinsen/Grefsen stasjon. Get off at Carl Berners Plass and walk from there. Bus 31 to Tonsenhagen. Get off at Carl Berners Plass and walk from there. Metro 3 (eastbound) to Sinsen. Get off at Carl Berners Plass and walk from there. Metro 5 (easbound) to Vestli. Get off at Carl Berners Plass and walk from there.