16. september 2019 - 18:00 inntil 20:30
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World Class Study in London information session in Oslo, ANSA | Association for Norwegian Students Abroad (ANSA) | måndag, 16. september 2019

Meet representatives from four of the world's leading universities - Imperial College London, King's College London, LSE and UCL. The information session will provide advice and guidance to prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.
The presentation will include:

Introduction to the four universities
Application and Selection
London life
Fees and funding
A chance to ask any questions

You are encouraged to register for this event in advance.
Please direct any questions about this event to Florian Gorqaj (ANSA) or the following university representatives:
Imperial: Lawrence Barnard  King's: Jessica ***** jessica.*****@ LSE: Loris Lysiotis UCL: Penny Kossifos