03. august 2020 - 9:00 inntil 13:00
Speak Norsk, Oslo
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Viking Offer For Intermediates B1 To C1: Only 2999,- Month | måndag, 03. august 2020

EDIT: The event/course is postponed due to COVID-19 lockdown until further notice. Meanwhile, check our virtual classes for only 399 NOK: https://forms.gle/kauVsp85rAca4Zoc9


Includes B1, B2, C1.part 1, C1.part 2

About the course

THREE LEVELS INTENSIVE COURSE PACKAGE that will take you from intermediate (B1) to proficient (C1) speaker in a couple of months!

The course package includes:

– B1.1, B1.2

– B2.1, B2.2

– C1.1 Intensive

– C1.2 Intensive

It promotes effective communication and helps to build learners’ confidence in speaking and writing Norwegian.

Learn more: https://www.speaknorsk.no/viking-offer-for-intermediate-b1-c1/