19. september 2020 - 9:00
Hasleveien 28A, 0571 Oslo, Norge, Oslo
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Oslo 40k Våråpent 2020 - Dawn of Vår | laurdag, 19. september 2020

Current rules doc below (subject to change), but the tl;dr is a 5-round, 2000pt 40k 9th edition tournament held at Jamie's workshop at Carl Berner in Oslo.

Rules packet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IOOafgY6gxlZYGb15mcUmjXwmzKSOYxqzH8QyykFXgk/edit?usp=sharing

We will use the 9th edition tournament pack. Painting requirements are three colours and based, with each faction painted in a consistent manner. WYSIWYG is enforced and proxying is banned, though exceptions due to Rule of Cool may be allowed.

To comply with governmental guidelines and arrange a tournament as responsible as possible, we've limited tickets to 20. Each ticket is 250 NOK, payable by Vipps to Charles Webb on 41 654 987. Mark the transfer with Dawn of Vår.

Changes (which are minor or general clarifications) from the Autumn Open are highlighted in red for now.