14. mai 2018 - 9:00
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Katapult Future Fest 2018 | Oslo, Norway | måndag, 14. mai 2018

Katapult Future Fest is a technology festival focusing on exponential technologies, impact investing and future societies.

Through engaging activities such as panel debates, hackathons, keynote speakers, workshops, fireside chats, yoga classes, dinner parties, concerts, pitching competitions, DJ's, mass meditation and more, Katapult is aiming to address and tackle the challenges our world is facing through new and creative forms of collaborations.

Katapult Future Fest is a non-profit movement founded to foster societal impact through technology.
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  • Trust and cooperation are important values in Norway. We’re known internationally for our role in peace negotiations, and—like our Nordic neighbors—for setting aside around 1 % of our GDP for humanitarian aid. Not until now, though, have you really heard people talk openly about doing good, and also doing good business, in the same sentence. Case in point: The 2018 Business for Peace summit kicks off in Oslo in the same week as this year’s Katapult Future Fest, in the middle of May (there’s also Oslo Freedom Forum later in the same month).
  • HOT NEW LOOK FOR #KFF18 - check it out: Nominate a speaker: Who do you wish to see in the KFF program of 2018? Maybe you know someone whose voice should be heard? Or maybe it is your own messaged that should be featured on a stage next year? Let us know who and why you think they should be in the Katapult spotlight by filling out the super short form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeVGRSISWB5cjd0me--RkLhuwu0JV7NkHtB2bgUnG-jq27bcg/viewform?c=0&w=1
  • From all of us to all of you; HAPPY HOLIDAYS 🌟🌟🌟 Here’s to rocking another year of impact in 2018 🎉🎉🎉
  • Speaker announcement! Joshua Fost Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Minerva Schools at KGI “We are doing a terrible job as ecological and societal caretakers”, states Joshua Fost from Minerva Schools, and speaker at KFF18. Fost presses on that “we need better minds - not just better technology - in order to build a sustainable civilization”. The Future of Education is learning how to never stop learning. It may seem obvious, but for 1000 years the School system has not been developed. Today, higher education is in trouble. The teaching methods - mostly lectures - which have dominated university classrooms for the last 1,000 years are known to be largely ineffective. To prepare for a tech-driven and fast-changing future, lifelong learning is crucial. In May, Fost will push us out of our dated comfort zone and into the Future of Education as he takes to the stage of Katapult Future Fest 2018! We're excited to welcome him to Oslo!
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  • Speaker announcement!! Executive Director, The Transformative Technology Lab, Nichol Bradford. TT is all Science and Technology that significantly impacts mental and emotional wellbeing. Want to know more about TT? Check out these talks from the TransTech Conference 2017. http://www.ttconf.org
  • Speaker announcement! Benjamin Roome is a Philosopher and Artificial Intelligence Ethicist. He received his PhD in Philosophy from UC Santa Cruz in 2012 and co-founded Ethical Resolve, a Data and AI Ethics consulting firm in 2014. Since then Ben has worked on AI and data ethics projects with companies including Facebook, Accenture and Planet Labs.
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  • Speaker announcement! Manan Mehta is a founding partner of Unshackled Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund for immigrant founded startups in the U.S. The fund has led marquee investments in driverless trucking, AI for water management, edge computing and emotional intelligence. Prior to Unshackled Ventures, Manan ran marketing for ed-tech startup Kno that raised over $90M of funding from top VC’s including Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital and Floodgate. The company was acquired by Intel in 2013. Before Kno, Manan was an investment banker at the Royal Bank of Canada, with his most notable deal being the $1.9B acquisition of Skype led by Silver Lake and Andreessen Horowitz in 2009 — later sold to Microsoft for $8.5B.
  • Speaker announcement! Beena is the founder of Humans For AI Inc., an organization focused on building out a more diverse workforce for tech leveraging Artificial Intelligence Beena has been honored several times for her contribution to tech and her philanthropic efforts, including the San Francisco Business Times’ 2017 Most Influential Women in Bay Area, WITI’s Women in Technology Hall of Fame, National Diversity Council’s Top 50 Multicultural Leaders in Tech, CIO.com and Drexel University's Analytics 50 innovator, Forbes Top 8 Female Analytics Experts and Women Super Achiever Award from World Women’s Leadership Congress. She recently co-authored the book “AI Transforming Business”.
  • Speaker announcement! Catherine is a three-time entrepreneur with experience launching and building scalable social ventures. Her last startup, Global Brigades, is now the world’s largest student development firm. Catherine graduated magna *** laude from Boston University and received her MBA from the University of Oxford where she founded the Oxford Women in Business Network.
  • Our lates newsletter with SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT for Katapult Future Fest 2018. See you in Oslo in May! We're excited to announce that several speakers at next year's Katapult Future Fest are philosophers, artists, psychologist and intellectuals. Why? Because it's time to make sure that tomorrow's business and technological progress is developed in an educated and ethical way. Here's four of our very first confirmed speakers, who all works with bringing ethics into technology and investments. Get ready for Katapult Future Fest 2018!