28. november 2017 - 18:00 inntil 20:00
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Course: Bitcoin Mining - Beginners | The Kasbah Hub | tysdag, 28. november 2017

Always wanted to know what mining is, how it works and if it is something you consider doing yourself? What’s the thing with Proof of Work? What about Nonce, mempool, SHA-256d ... ?

Michael Hansson, miner and member of Norges Bitcoin- og Blockchainforening, will be your courseleader and will guide you through this Beginners Course in bitcoin mining.

We’ll even take time to get your questions answered and have some more interesting discussions about mining. This Course will be held in English.

Come and join us!

Date: Tuesday November 28, 6pm – 8 pm
Location: Kasbah Hub, Alexander Kiellandshus - Oslo

Price per course:

900 NOK: Standardprice
*700 NOK: Member Norges Bitcoin- og Blockchainforening
*500 NOK: Studentprice
(*fill in "Member or "Student" to get the discount)

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This course is the first part of the ’Bitcoin Mining Course for Beginners’. We will also organise a separate ’Bitcoin Mining Course for Advanced’, on Tuesday December 12, as an additional option.

For more information, please contact annemie@createyourteam.net

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