01. oktober 2020 - 10:00 inntil 12:00
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Mindset Reset: Adoption | torsdag, 01. oktober 2020

Right now, we all need to strengthen our natural ability to turn things "right side up." Whatever the challenges – in life, work, or community - we need a new mindset and new tools that will help us manage and harness disruption in new and empowering ways.

Business & Arts NL and DesignThinkers Group Canada are pleased to present this four-part, interactive exploration of mindsets essential to Design Thinking, a human-centered approach to addressing complex issues. This online series will be facilitated by experienced coaches and will focus on real-world applications.

The final session focuses on Adoption: The Inventor's Mindset

Learning the power of iteration and prototyping creates tipping points that generate the traction needed for adoption. **** it, an idea has no value until it is brought to life.

In this session you will bring your inventor mind. Learn how to get shared understanding of your ideas quickly, and gain confidence inviting critical feedback. These are crucial skills for transforming ideas into relevant and impactful innovation.


Each session is a stand-alone offering. Participants are encouraged to complete the full program, or can choose to register for one or more individual sessions.

In every 2-hour session you will:

Engage with other participants

Put new tools & mindsets into practice

Have time for reflection and questions

See how to put your skills to work