19. september 2019 - 18:00
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The Confident Public Speaker - Intermediate Program (5 Sessions) - New Jersey | Premiere Response | torsdag, 19. september 2019

Wish to become a committed leader, impact others through influence and always be ready to convey powerful messages?
Become a Confident Speaker and learn how to engage with your audience through storytelling, improvisation techniques, master your voice, align your brand to impact with your presence, and get real life practice with a live audience! 
Are you ready to continue your transformational journey through this amazing program, and learn how to:

Master the art of Storytelling
Improvise like a professional
Control your voice 
Impact with your presence
Body language 2.0
Read your audience

For a LIMITED TIME get this workshop valued in $1500 for ONLY $599!

SESSION 1 - (September 19th, 2019 @6:00 pm)
The Power of Storytelling 

Components of a Story 
What is “The Flow” 
Your Movie Deserves a Happy Ending

Body Language 201

Walking the walk 
Micro expressions - Macro messaging
Mastering Your Authentic Style

SESSION 2 - (October 3rd, 2019 @6:00 pm)
Improvisation Preparation

If all fails...Prepare for the Unexpected 
A glaze of Theatrical Skills 
The Improv Game!

Voice Control

The Karate punch 
I can’t hear you
Exercises with tone, volume, pace, pause

SESSION 3 - (October 17th, 2019 @6:00 pm)
Impact with Your Presence 

Your appearance communicates out loud
Best practices from a Style Expert
Brand alignment

Fears Evolution 

The Fears Filters 
Acceptance or Confrontation 
Fears Transformation

SESSION 4 - (October 31rst, 2019 @6:00 pm)
Interaction 201

Rules of Engagement 
“Guess The Topic”
Moving the Room’s Energy

Diversity and Inclusion 

What’s in a culture and why should we care
What to do in Multicultural Audience 
Addressing disabilities

SESSION 5 - (November 14th, 2019 @6:00 pm)
The Real Deal 

Real Practice with the Toughest Audience: High Schoolers 
A 30 minutes autobiography presentation
Experts’ Unfiltered Feedback

Reading the Audience

Too much, too little 
Are they getting it?
Audience’s body language and how we adjust our presentation

Get to know our Master Coach Minue Yoshida, CEO of Yoshida Consulting
Over 20 years of experience impacting thousands of multicultural individuals in many countries, helping them become confident through experiential learning techniques focused on transforming fears into strenghts!
Author, Consultant, Entrepreneur and Mother.
Half Japanese, half Mexican, 100% Wonder Woman.
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