18. januar 2020 - 12:00 inntil 14:00
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We were born to move - Mobility, Flexibility, Stability | The Studio - Janette Bendle | laurdag, 18. januar 2020

Moving in to middle age with ease.
In my 20 plus years as a health and fitness coach, the most important thing I’ve discovered:
We need to develop a body that moves well. Moving into middle age, to a place where you feel capable, confident, and free to be who you like and do what you like.
We were after all, literally, born to move.
Lets get FUNCTIONAL: The best way to describe this, is to teach your body through your workouts how to relate to your daily activities. There’s a large variety of exercises that fall under the umbrella of functional training. A functional exercise program should increase range of motion, good movement patterns, improve posture, increase strength and flexibility, while enhancing performance and improving balance and stability. 

In this workshop we will use self myfascial release techniques using rollers, bands and *****
The benefits 
Pain relief – Rolling and trigger point therapy can help relieve pain and tightness in the back, shoulders, neck, legs, IT band, feet, hips, buttocks, chest, feet and more. 
Muscle & soft tissue regeneration – Using rollers and other tools will help speed up post-workout regeneration of your muscles and soft tissues throughout your body. In addition to speeding up muscle regeneration, rolling workouts also help to stimulate the skin; improving circulation and reducing cellulite.
Improved mobility – Foam roller exercises are an easy, effective way to improve your mobility and flexibility. 
Enhanced sports & activity performance – Functional training, releasing, improviing moblity, flexibility and stability with exercise rollers, bands and ***** will help you improve strength in your core, pelvis, shoulder girdle, and other major muscle groups while improving balance and coordination, and reducing the chances of injury or muscle tears. Using the methods we teach in this 2 hour workshop can improve your performance in sports, as well as yoga, pilates, and day-to-day activities

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