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Scoutmaster Bucky Online - Dog Care Merit Badge - Online Class 2019-11-13 - Boy Scouts of America | ONLINE MERIT BADGE CLASS | onsdag, 13. november 2019

You are highly encouraged to download a workbook either from the Scoutmaster Bucky site (if available) or from MeritBadge.org for use in preparing for the class. Filling out your answers AHEAD of time will allow you to "be prepared" and increase your likelihood of completing more requirements. 
In most cases a Class Preparation Page has been put together to aid you in successfully making the most out of this opportunity.  Utilizing these resources will make a significant impact on the timeliness, ease, and effort required to complete this merit badge.  Failure to prepare properly and/or use these resources will result in a lower effectiveness and completion amount at the class.
Please go to www.ScoutmasterBucky.com for the Class Preparation link. Please note, these are simply guidelines to assist in the preparation for this class. 
One requirement that is often neglected is the reading of the merit badge pamphlet (which contains most of the answers).  Scouts MUST read the merit badge pamphlet AND have the pamphlet with them during the class.
No guarantee is given or implied for completion of the merit badge or any of its requirements, however Scouts who are prepared and attend and participate positively and actively will be afforded the opportunity to be reviewed by the Counselor for completion of most requirements.
Class ending time is approximate and may vary slightly based on the dynamics of the Scouts and the counselor.
Scouts must have web cam and voice (phone or mic/speakers) and high-speed internet connection to participate.  A phone call in number will be provided if necessary. The web link will be provided 48 hours prior to the class start time via the registered email address.
Scouts must be in uniform for the class.
Please make sure the following paperwork is completed and submitted via email (ScoutmasterBucky@yahoo.com) or faxed 612-871-7150 PRIOR to the class.

You may also choose to forward these forms and your blue card via postal mail to:
Scoutmaster Bucky
c/o Brian Reiners
5724 Aldrich Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419