02. september 2018 - 16:00
Koppang Camping, Koppang
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Fly Fish Workshop on Running Water, Koppang, Norway | sundag, 02. september 2018

Yes! We do organize a workshop fly fishing on running water in 2018 and we do hope that you will be one of the participants during the 10th edition of this workshop!
Take advantage of this unique possibility to learn how to fly fish or how to upgrade your fly fishing skills on running water!
We provide instruction in casting technique, fishing tactics, fly tying, entomology and much more. Learn how to 'read' the river and become a better fly fishermen in a 5-day full package workshop on the Glomma river in Norway. Instructors: Bas de Bruin (EFFA Master), Tore L. Rydgren (EFFA), Erik van den Hoek (fly tier), Base camp: Koppang Camping, Koppang, Norway
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