29. august 2019 - 16:00 inntil 17:30
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Nordic Angel Program Batch 4: How to Become a Business Angel | Bærum International Hub | torsdag, 29. august 2019

Moderator: Åsmund Johan Mandal - Business Angel Norway ChairmanWelcome to our Asker and Bærum Angels event fourth edition. INTEGRATION: this is one of our most important keywords and one of the values in which we believe most.For this reason BIH continuously offers integration opportunities for new citizens that are settling in Norway and that need support.One of these opportunities is the chance to get large investments and the possibility to meet a huge network of business angels for entrepreneurs who are establishing a start up or to become yourself an angel investor. With interest in startups booming, almost anyone can become an business angel ! Anyone with resources starting at 30,000 NOK can technically become an angel. But it’s not easy to do it well. This seminar will guide you on what you need to become a smart business angel and having fun investing in Startups. More info: