13. juli 2019 - 14:00 inntil 17:00
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Intimacy Through Yoga Hawaii | Still & Moving Center | laurdag, 13. juli 2019

Kimberly Ky and Tenya Lee of Intimacy Through Yoga offer a unique and interactive learning experience for those who want to deepen their connection with others. Their teachings, a fusion from vastly differing backgrounds, foster a space of curiosity and compassion.
Participants can expect to open up in a fun and safe space with others who strive for same thing: love, healing, and safety. The basic structure includes: dharma talk (spiritual lecture), experiential through practice, and reflection to support understanding and integration. Through practices of dialogue, movement, and breathing, Kimberly and Tenya weave together a dynamic experience always to be remembered. The more a participant is willing to open up, the more breakthrough they will experience (please read testimonials).