26. september 2019 - 9:00 inntil 11:30
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The Future of Work: Leadership in the Post-Digital Age | Spaces - Oslo, Calmeyers Gate | torsdag, 26. september 2019

Join as as we deep dive into how leadership and the work environment is being transformed by technology in this attention based economy. The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in improving business communications, collaboration, customer service, user journey experiences and conversions. We will also feature a panel discussion to discuss how technology can enhance the business knowledge worker experience, and help marketing and sales teams be more efficient and effective. The role of physical space vs visual space for companies and how we are moving towards a fixed global workplace that transcends borders.
Organizer Name: Founder Institute OsloOrganizer Description: Founder Institute began in Silicon Valley after Adeo Ressi, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor decided to offer structure, mentorship and network to help startups succeed. The first class graduated in Silicon Valley in October 2009. Since then Founder Institute has expanded to all six continents and is in several dozen countries.
In the winter of 2018, Dimitris Polychronopoulos, worked to build the local team to recruit mentors and partners to run free startup events in Oslo as a lead up to the launch of the Oslo chapter of Founder Institute. More than 90 people applied to attend, 26 people enrolled in the Oslo launch of the accelerator, April through June 2018, and 8 people graduated. Several of those graduates are working on companies that meet some of the 17 UN sustainabiity goals.
The top candidate of the class is the startup TotalCtrl founded by Charlotte Aschim who saw wasted food first-hand while working in the grocery industry. So she created TotalCtrl to handle inventory and to reduce large amounts of food waste. With TotalCtrl, it is possible to map, organise and streamline sales and use of goods that are approaching the expiration date.