05. mars 2020 - 8:00 inntil 19:00
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SHE Conference 2020 | Oslo Spektrum | torsdag, 05. mars 2020

SHE Conference 2020! 
Get ready for the largest gender diversity conference in Europe!
This years theme: LESS TALK, MORE ACTION!
5th of March 2020, SHE is hosting Europes largest gender diversity conference in Oslo Spektrum, Norway. 3000 engaged participants and 70 of the world’s best speakers on this topic will join us for a day filled with discussions, knowledge sharing, best practise examples and inspiration from all over the globe. 
SHE is a Scandinavian initiative, based in Norway, working on UN Development Goal Number 5: “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls” We do that by focusing on closing the gender gap and encourage more diversity in the work force, among leaders and entrepreneurs. 
SHE strongly believes all people should have the same opportunities regardless of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or gender.
The program will soon be launched. 
We welcome participants of all genders to join us in closing the gender gap! Read more at sheconference.no