21. september 2019 - 13:00 inntil 17:00
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Seminar: Fra krise til endring | Melahuset | laurdag, 21. september 2019

I en verden full av kriser er vi nødt til å gå sammen for å skape endring, spørsmålet er hvordan. Med gjester fra ulike kontinenter og bevegelser skal vi jobbe sammen, gjennom verksteder, samtaler og foredrag, for å lære av hverandre og finne felles løsninger.
Seminaret skal foregå på engelsk og norsk.

Current Program (subject to change) - From Crisis to Change (Saturday, September 21st)
12:45 – 13:00Mingling and taking seats
13:00 – 13:15Welcome and setting the sceneCultural contribution/Music/songWelcome, context for the seminar, and logistics of the day
Session 1: Success stories – Organizing to build the new
13:15 – 14:00How did we organize to build the new? What worked in our context? What lessons can be learned? Focus on CHANGE.
Conversation between:
● Mariana Gómez Soto (Cajamarca case in Colombia - stopping of a major mining project)● Wissam Chaseb (The passing of the Iraqi labor law)● Aaron Ceradoy (UNs Global Compact and Migration)● Noelia Figueroa (Women's rights movement in Argentina)
Moderator: TBD
14:00 - 14:10
Session 2: Envisioning the future and going backwards
14:10 –15:00 (50 min)
Paint a picture of how the world CAN be, and help us take steps backwards to understand how we get there.Conversation between:● Sally Burch: Our digital future and what it looks like (Internet Social Forum)● Jason Nardi: A new economic system (Transformative Economies)● Uddhab Purakyrel: A more peaceful world (peace and development in Asia)● Helene Bank: A healthy ocean and control of resources (“Our Oceans”)
Question and answers
Moderator: TBD
Pause with coffee and fruit
Session 3: Workshops for systems change
15:15-16:00WORKSHOP AChanging our economy – World Social for Transformative Economies
Workshop leader:Jason Nardi
WORKSHOP BMobilizing in Norway:How can an alliance like Norges Sosiale Forum / GK make real impact in NorwayWORKSHOP CMobilizing nationally and thematically - how do we build alliances nationally and around themes for change? -World Social Forum prosess
16:00 – 16:10Pause
Session 4: Call to action (4 campaigns that you HAVE to know about)
Four people will provide concrete examples of campaigns that people can get involved with, and how it will lead to change.
● A campaign for HUMAN RIGHTS/COMPANIES: TBD● A campaign for PEACE: TBD● A campaign for the ECONOMY / CONTROL OF RESOURCES: TBD● A campaign for CLIMATE: TBDTransition Song
Session 5: Closing and Culture
16:30-17:00● Closing keynote address (8 min): TBD● Closing song● Go buy food and come back to party with us!  More details to come...