15. januar 2019 - 12:00 inntil 14:00
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Instagram Bootcamp From Basics to Business | San Tan Mall | tysdag, 15. januar 2019

On your mark, Get Set, Let's get ready for IG Bootcamp!!! From Basics to Business, this workshop for Real Estate Individuals, is sure to give you nuggets that will help you with your business!
Guest Speaker: Aaron Lacey, Marketing Technology Director, west A WFG Company
The Discussion:

Setup & Organize Your Instagram Profile
Utilize news & Story Feeds
When & What to Post
Intro to Video & IGTV
Personal vs. Business Profiles
Grow Your Following Using Hashtags & Locations

Hosted by:Jaclyn Richards, Business Development Manager - Barrett FinancialDeena Caito, Sales Executive, WFG National Title Insurance Company