28. april 2020 - 18:30 inntil 19:30
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NICK RICHARDSON - 1956 - Geelong Library and Heritage Centre | Geelong Library | tysdag, 28. april 2020

Debunking one of the hardiest clichés in Australian history: that the 1950s was a dull decade, Nick Richardson peels back the layers to reveal Australia at a critical moment in time. By the time the ’60s came around, Australia was already expanding its outlook — politically, economically, and culturally — and central to this were the events of 1956. Nick brilliantly recreates the broader events surrounding the Melbourne Olympics at the end of 1956, as well as the dramas of the Games themselves. Throughout, he also follows a range of men and women who were touched by this transformation, to illuminate the personal consequences of being part of Australia’s pivotal year.