13. september 2017 - 14:00
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Renewable marine energy and hydrogen | Florø | onsdag, 13. september 2017

Welcome to a conference about renewables such as tidal, wave- and wind power, maritime hydrogen technology and off grid energy systems in Florø. The event will be a great opportunity for insight and networking.

The conference aims to bring businesses, R&D institutions, public administration and educational institutions together to discuss potential projects and partnerships.

Speakers form Norway, Orkney Islands, USA and New Zealand are confirmed, and there will be a number of Norwegian, international and EU participants.
  • Why produce hydrogen from curtailed renewable energy? 1) It helps us decarbonize 2) "We learn stuff" (love that quote) 3) "We`ve got people doing it, using the knowledge" (love that, too) 4) We take that knowledge and we go out with it. Brilliant! No wonder we are enthusiastic about our cooperation with EMEC and other partners in Orkneys. Come to the conference in Florö 13th-14th September to learn more about Surf n` Turf and other projects from our neighbors across the North Sea. https://youtu.be/Rybpaqhg5Qg
  • A region that is rich in renewable energy, with iconic tourist routes and World Heritage Sites, where progressive businesses go zero emission through green innovation. Sounds like Sogn og Fjordane! In this case it refers to Otago Southland in New Zealand. Dr. Linda Wright from FCEV Consortium will attend the conference to talk about the country`s first hydrogen hub. Remember to register for this opportunity at http://gcesubsea.no/event/1334/Conference_Marine_Energy
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  • Joe Pratt and Lennie Klebanoff from Sandia Energy in San Francisco will attend the conference, and give us the latest updates on the SF Breeze hydrogen ferry! They are interested in networking with maritime hydrogen businesses and authorities in Norway. Read more about our "sister project" here: http://energy.sandia.gov/transportation-energy/hydrogen/market-transformation/maritime-fuel-cells/sf-breeze/