12. oktober 2019 - 19:00 inntil 23:30
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International Predator Cup 2019 | | laurdag, 12. oktober 2019

We are pleased to invite you to the first edition of International Predator Cup! This is an event hosted by Romanian Angling Club UK, Polish Fishing Club and TeamFishingLT
This is a nation teams competition and also an individual competition where 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be rewarded. Any individual angler is free to join IPC2019 without being part of a team. Target fish are pike, zander, perch and best 3 pikes, 3 zander and 3 perch will be counted for the final results. Best 15 anglers from each participating nation will be taken into consideration for the final nations results. Other nations are welcomed to join the competition as long as they have at least 10 members. Registration starts at 7:00. Fishing from 8:00 to 15:00.
To buy tickets, please follow the link
Registration fee is £17 and it includes a £5 day ticket to fish the canal and barbeque at the end of the competition.
Top 3 places, biggest pike, biggest zander and biggest perch will be rewarded. Trophies and medals will be handed to all the winners of the day. Anglers will be fishing in pairs of two, the pairs will be drawn one day before the competition day and made public on IPC-International Preadator Cup Facebook page
Competition rules! 1. All anglers must have a valid Environment Agency Fishing Licence. 2. ‘’Catch & Release” fishing only. All fish are to be released immediately after photo. 3. Competition is based on overall length of best 3 pikes, 3 zander and 3 perch landed whitin the competition hours and all fish landed must be photographed on the measuring tape together with the competition card provided and signed by fishing partener . Fish to be measured from tip to tip and immediately returned to water. 4. At registration, every angler will be issued a competition pack that includes a competition card which has to be clearly visible on each photo of every fish landed and a competition sheet. 5. All anglers MUST use unhooking mat, landing net, competition measuring tape with visible scale and forceps. 6. Fishing with artificial lures only(no live bait) on one rod (you can carry as many rods as you like).
7. English is the official language of the International Predator Cup 2019
8. Return competition pack until 15:00
9. NO fishing within 20m from other pairs
10. NO fishing in forbidden areas
11. International Preadator Cup reserve the right to change any rule of the competition at any time in order to comply with any unexpected situations.
12. Interantional Predator Cup officials decision in any disputes of the competition will be final.
13. International Predator Cup is not liable for any damages or accidents caused by anglers.