25. juli 2019 - 12:00 inntil 16:30
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Fit for Human Life: The Workshop | Boise | torsdag, 25. juli 2019

We will be launching Moe’s newest book, Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Workplace Fit for Human Life. The Brave Tour will have at its core a 4-hour workshop for leaders at every level exploring the human needs that work fulfills and the five levers for making your workplace one where people can show up as they are, both worthy and flawed, and do great things together. In this interactive workshop we will identify strategies for activating, enlivening, and tenderly supporting the complex humans who work for you so that they can bring their complete selves to your organization every day.In particular we will:

Examine what people need from companies;
Explore tends affecting all of us at work;
Learn the 5 levers for change (Who What, Where/When, How, & Why)
Understand toxic and healthy workplaces;
Identify next steps for you and for your organization

Tuition includes a copy of the book, lunch, and snacks/beverages