31. mai 2020 - 12:00 inntil 12:00
ESN Bergen, Bergen
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We are recruiting! | sundag, 31. mai 2020

/This is not a physical event./

ESN Bergen is recruiting new members for the spring semester, and we want you on our team! We want BOTH INTERNATIONAL AND NORWEGIAN students to join ESN Bergen.

Who are we?

ESN Bergen is a non-profitable student organisation that work to integrate international students into the local student community. We are a member of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), the largest student organization in Europe consisting of 530+ sections in 40 countries. Consisting of several committees, we organize social events, volunteering opportunities and activities for our Buddy Bergen program, and focus on social inclusion and self-growth under the principle of "Students Helping Students."


How can you contribute?

We are recruiting these following board positions:

Vice-President + Local Representative,


Event Coordinator,

PR Manager,

Social Erasmus Coordinator,

Buddy Manager,


Team-building Coordinator and

Partnership Responsible.

You can also join us as an active member in these committees: Event, Social Erasmus, Buddy and PR.

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE is needed to apply. Read more about the different positions and committees at https://bergen.esn.no/becoming-member

For a specific description about the board positions and active members: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t0qVPVTuEaMhQBgDPt_6NqWr32t6F7Y8/view?usp=sharing



If you want to become a member, then we need a motivation letter from you. The motivation letter should be at most 1 page and it should answer

- who you are

- what you study

- what your interest in ESN is

- what experience you have

- what sort of skills/talents you can use in ESN Bergen.

It must also clearly state what committees or board positions (listed by preference from 1 to 3).

Send the application to email.

1. DEADLINE for applying is 31st of May at 12.00

If you get elected for a board position during this round, the position will no longer be available for the 2. round.

2. DEADLINE is 21st of August at 12.00.


What happens afterwards?

We will hold a General Meeting where the election of the board position will take place. Here you get to meet the rest of ESN Bergen. The General Meeting is very unformal and nothing to be scared of!

Everyone that have sent a motivation letter will receive a mail from the president about the General Meeting after the deadline has passed.

After the General Meeting we will continue to a different location to get to know each other.


Questions can be sent to our Facebook page or to email