21. april 2020 - 9:00 inntil 15:00
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CVAD's - a simulation workshop on PICCs & PORTs | Education Resource Centre | tysdag, 21. april 2020

Are you required to access or care for PICCs or PORTs in your workplace?
IF SO: The following simulation workshop has been designed to assist you to learn, or update these skills.
 The session will have both a theoretical and practical component.
 Participants are required to complete pre-reading - the BHS “CVAD self-directed learning package” prior to attending the simulation workshop. This document can be accessed by going to:
Who should attend?
 Registered & Endorsed Enrolled Nurses who are required to access/de-access PORTs or care for PICCs or PORTs (dressings, IV administration and line management), in clinical practice.
Please Note
Registered Nurses & Endorsed Enrolled Nurses undertaking this program need to ensure that their health care facility allows them to care for PICCSs and PORTs in their workplace environment.

This workshop will be offered bi monthly in 2020. 

This is not a catered event.