14. november 2019 - 11:00 inntil 12:15
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Webinar: What it Takes to Go Beyond Change Management (Albuquerque) | Online | Albuquerque | torsdag, 14. november 2019

Ever feel limited to make the breadth of contribution to your change projects you know is needed? 

Or that you are engaged on projects too late to prevent some of the dynamics you are asked to resolve?

Learn how to expand the positioning and brand of change management in significant ways.
Change management practitioners frequently feel they are not positioned to provide strategic guidance to how their change projects are launched, led, and planned.
Often projects run into the same issues: poor governance, limited scope, solutions that do not account for the needs of stakeholders, and poor adoption. Many of us practitioners feel we can make a more significant—and earlier—contribution.
There is a broader role we can play in. We can be asked onto project teams before launch, able to shape a strategy and project plan that accounts for people’s needs from the beginning. We can support the success of projects by helping to develop governance, an accurate scope, and the integrated design of solutions that stakeholders will adopt and endorse. From the get-go, we ensure cultural imperatives are addressed.
This webinar delves into the skills and knowledge of the strategic change consulting role, which can expand the positioning and brand of change management in significant ways.
Once you see where you can add additional value, without rocking the boat, you can do just that, beyond the confines of traditional change management. Join us and learn how!

Key Takeaways:

Learn how to develop the skills and approaches of being a more strategic advisor to change projects
Recognize the repeating negative patterns when projects miss out on good change leadership practices at launch
Understand your current state limitations to make your full contribution
Learn about the responsibilities of the strategic change consultant and how to add them to your role


Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson